Blog July 2017

Can you believe its July already? It may be the summer holidays but things are showing no sign of slowing down in the Fit Foodie office.

Eat well:

This month we are loving water!

Staying hydrated is one of my top health hacks.

We may not realise it but even mild dehydration can affect performance; and whether we are at work or home we want to be performing at our best.

My top tips:

Add flavour:  I love lemon, lime, orange and mint or any combination of the above

Invest in a BPA free water bottle

Less tea / coffee and more water

Sip water all day long.

Keep Moving:

Recently, I’ve been training for a 5KM race with my two friends.

I love to train with people here are my top reasons why.

  • The craic!! 
  • Accountability & structure
  • I Train harder!

Gadget of the month:

I own a Nutri ninja and love to make smoothies during the summer in it.

Competition time:

This month we love training buddies, email us the name of your training partner and tell us why you like to train with them and we will send out a goody bag to both of you!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered last month’s competition, we loved reading all your tips and tricks. The winning entry came from Linda Newman

“I love to run I started last year and haven’t looked back. Today I knocked 16 minutes off my mini marathon time compared to last year.”

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