Logistical Expertise

We operate a centralised procurement system enabling clients to benefit from the economies of scale that comes with buying our goods in quantity. However, each site operates on an individual ordering system giving on-site chefs/managers full control over stock management, allowing ingredients to be sourced from local suppliers, reducing transport times and cutting down on food waste.

Our logistical network promotes local economy spending, allows full ‘Farm to Fork’ traceability of all our food and ensures that any extra requirements can be easily catered for.

We take great care to get to know the needs of our clients, and of their teams, with a tailored plan to meet specific requirements and deliver tasty, nutritious food at an excellent price.

In addition to our custom catering plans, our design team will develop a look and feel for your restaurant, with integrated marketing campaigns and appealing point of sale materials.

We stay up to date with all our customers through feedback from our representatives on the ground, scheduled site visits by account managers and regular client meetings.

At Brook Food Services we are a customer-centric company – we put the client first. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our partners, in tailoring our solutions to their needs, in listening carefully to their feedback and in constantly seeking to implement improvements.