Blog May 2017

Welcome to the first Fit Foodie blog with Brook food services. I’m delighted to have joined Brook as a health and well being partner. Myself and the team at the fit foodie will be bringing you lots of tasty healthy dishes and advice to eat well and keep moving!

Like myself I know many of you are juggling life between work, family and social life. This can mean the thought of maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem daunting if not impossible. But fear not, I have you covered and with this monthly blog I will share with you my top tips on how to eat well and stay active at work.

Eat well:

This month I’m loving strawberries. Is there anything better than when Irish grown strawberries are in season? Not only do they taste delicious but just 7 strawberries count as one of your 5 a day and provide nearly 100% of your daily vitamin C! I love to use strawberries as a topping for my overnight oats during the summertime and they are gorgeous in smoothies or even in salads too.

Keep Moving:

I try to move at least 20 minutes every day. Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle so being aware to get up and move each day is hugely important. My advice is to try to find a way to build movement into your working day. Here are 3 simple ways:

  • Aim to get up from your desk at least once every hour.
  • If you are working in a building with stairs why not take those instead of the lift.
  • Instead of spending your entire lunch time sitting down try to incorporate a short walk.
  • Honestly these small changes pay dividends in the long run.

Gadget of the month:

I recently decided to purchase the FitBit charge HR watch. I choose this one because I recognised the brand, it sat comfortably on my wrist, I liked the look of the watch and at around €100, the price suited my budget.

The two main features I like are the steps and sleep monitoring function. I’ve also used it a little for monitoring my heart rate, especially during workouts. There is a function to input food and evaluate your daily nutritional intake, but to be honest, I like to enjoy food and the thought of inputting data regarding my eating doesn’t interest me. It’s a function some people may benefit from if they are monitoring their intake and might have a goal like weight loss.

Overall, while the fit-bit isn’t a magic wand to the perfect work/ life health balance, it’s definitely a good way to track health. I’d definitely give my fit bit a thumbs up.