Blog September 2017


The start of a new school year can be a great time to check in with yourself and either refocus on current goals or set new ones to smash. There is still plenty of time to make some lasting positive changes to your health and fitness this year.


Eat well:

This month I’m focusing on smart snacking.

My top tips:

  • Aim for 3 balanced meals and 2-3 snacks each day. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly, we are all different.
  • Aim to eat every 3-4 hours and include a protein source at each snack to keep blood sugar levels balanced.
  • Ensure you are properly hydrated as we often mistake thirst for hunger.

My favorites include:

  • Apples and nut butter
  • Vegetables and hummus
  • Homemade Trail mix, I love apricots, dark chocolate, dates and cashews

Keep moving:

A thorough warm up should always be a part of your workout routine.

Warming up can:

  • reduce the risk of injury
  • prepare the body and mind for exercise
  • increase the body’s temperature so muscles are more elastic and can move more efficiently
  • increase the heart rate and directs more blood to the working muscles.

My five minute warm up on the spot:

Jog for one minute

High knees for 1 minute

Kick your bum for 1 minute

Arms over head and stretch to each side, do it 10 times

Grab your ankle quad stretch, five times each leg

Give it a go before your next session.

Gadget of the month:

I think good shoes are one of the most important fitness gadgets you can have. I have different shoes dependent on the activity. At the moment I’m running in skechers go run shoes. Try out different shoes in the shop and always make comfort a priority. Good workout shoes will reward you and will help avoid injuries. Consider going to a specialist sports shop for advice if needed.

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